Sunday, June 12, 2011

Johnny Weir at L.A. Pride Parade PicSpam

June 14, 2011 Update:

More than a hundred photos on Facebook, posted by LA PRIDE / Christopher Street West

June 13, 2011 Update:

Read my friend Misfit Mimes' Blog with pictures, video and wrap up: Happy Pride!

Article: Exclusive: Grand Marshal Johnny Weir Snaps At Anti-Gay Protestors At Parade


Johnny Weir appeared as Grand Marshal of the L.A. Pride Parade on Sunday June 12, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.  Here are some pictures of Johnny and his appearance at the parade!  The parade was also carried live on West Hollywood Channel 10 and also via webcast.

@EricAltSalons twitpic of he, Johnny and Tara dressed for the parade
Johnny and Tara on the way to L.A. Pride posted by Tara Modlin
On the float Twitpic posted by Masayobenoist
Johnny Weir, Grand Marshal of the LA Gay Pride Parade Twitpic by GayWeHo
Eric Altomare and Johnny on the float from YahooNews
@EricAltSalons twitpic of Tara on Johnny's float
@EricAltSalons twitpic of himself on Johnny's float
@EricAltSalons twitpic of Johnny's 'Victory Sign' dance
@tmodlin yfrog close up of Johnny
@JohnnyGWeir's yfrog view from his float
@tmodlin's yfrog view from the float
Grand Marshal Johnny Weir & Margaret Cho by Amanduh on
@tmodlin yfrog of Johnny, herself and 'Dirty Love'
Johnny wows the crowd
L.A. Pride Guide Magazine cover


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