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A Little Holiday Music...

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family members around the world!

Thanks to my friend Lauren and her blog The Bumblebee Protocol for giving me this idea for posting Christmas music!  I wish I had thought of it sooner!

Norad tracks Santa Claus as he travels around the world!

There are so many good (and bad) holiday songs I can not possibly name them all!  There are also some very good (and bad) versions of Christmas songs.

Some of my favorite Christmas songs:

Michael Crawford 'O Holy Night' (His version is absolutely my favorite one!)

Another source for Michael Crawford 'O Holy Night'

Josh Groban 'O Holy Night' (Josh has a beautiful voice, but he doesn't hit the notes the way Michael does.)

Bruce Springsteen 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'
I think this is the version we've gotten used to hearing Bruce Springstseen sing on the radio. It was done at CW Post College back in 1975. I did see him do it live once, at a concert November 25, 1984 at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.  I love it!

Band Aid 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' (Enough said!)

Bing Crosby 'White Christmas', also here! (From the movie 'White Christmas'!)

But the song was introduced in the movie 'Holiday Inn':

Bing Crosby and David Bowie 'The Little Drummer Boy' and 'Peace On Earth'

Gary Hoey 'Ho, Ho, Hoey', 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', and 'You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch'. (Trust me, his guitar version of the Grinch is awesome!)

The Little Drummer Boy by a local band, and also by Neil Diamond.

I've always said I would love to see a good rock version of 'The Little Drummer Boy', with an awesome drum solo. One was done a number of years ago, but I can NOT remember who sang it, so I can't really even look for it.

Gene Autry 'Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer' (his was the original version); and Burl Ives version here!

Jimmy Durante sings 'Frosty the Snowman'

A Soldier's 'Silent Night'

Another Soldier's 'Silent Night'

And 'A Soldier's Christmas'

I heard a punk rock type version of 'Silent Night' about twenty five years ago. It was great, but again, I can NOT remember who sang it, so I really can't even look for it!

Luciano Pavarotti 'Adeste Fideles'

Believe it or not I learned this song in Latin back in the Dark Ages.  But I doubt seriously if any of us even came close to sounding remotely like Pavarotti!

Andrea Bocelli 'Noche de Paz' ('Silent Night')

Boney M 'Mary's Boy Child'

Bonus Holiday Videos:


Adam Sandler: The Chanukah Song Part 2


U2 'New Year's Day'

Dan Fogelberg 'Same Auld Lang Syne'

Barry Manilow 'It's Just Another New Year's Eve'

Happy Holidays from the Arizona Diamondbacks!  There's a video!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Johnny Weir, A Note To His Fans

Update June 15th:

Read my friend MisfitMimes Blog Freedom


Early on June 14th Johnny Weir posted this note to his fans on his official website:

Johnny Weir: A Note to My Fans

To my fans,

I want to formally announce that I will not compete in the upcoming season. I have dreamt of returning to competition for the upcoming season, but due to many obligations in my professional life, I will not be able to devote enough time to my training and my representation of the United States in international competition.

I realize that a huge percentage of my fan base is awaiting my return to the competitive ice and I beg your pardon for not fulfilling your wishes this year. I do not want any of my fans to lose hope as I am still on the ice, still training hard whenever my schedule permits. I still have a very competitive attitude, and after one more year off the competitive ice, I hope to return, and my team and I are already taking a very rigid approach to my schedule in 2012 so that I will have proper time to train for the figure skating high season.

I have had many big successes in my professional life since my performance at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and I continue to strive for perfection in every aspect of my public life. I wake up every day and go to sleep every night hoping that I’ve made my fans around the world proud with whatever I am doing, whether it’s a skating show, a public appearance, or a new episode of my TV show. I would be nothing without my thousands of fans around the world, and I hope I can continue to make you proud. I will be back on the ice, competing for you, very soon.

In the meantime, my fans can look forward to my collaborations with MAC cosmetics and; “Spectacular,” an ice concert I am creating for this fall; a new season of my hit reality show, Be Good Johnny Weir, on Logo; and of course skating around the world in exhibition performances.

I’d like to thank my many fans across the globe for your continued support and faith in me. No matter what, my eyes are still firmly fixed on Sochi and the 2014 Olympic Games.

Thank you.

Johnny G. Weir


I am looking forward to all the things Johnny has mentioned! It must have been a difficult, even agonizing decision for him to make to take another year off from competition. But he has to do what is best for him, and right now he has to take the opportunities that are coming his way. He may never have another chance to do so! I support him in whatever he chooses to do; it is his life!

Go Johnny go!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Johnny Weir at L.A. Pride Parade PicSpam

June 14, 2011 Update:

More than a hundred photos on Facebook, posted by LA PRIDE / Christopher Street West

June 13, 2011 Update:

Read my friend Misfit Mimes' Blog with pictures, video and wrap up: Happy Pride!

Article: Exclusive: Grand Marshal Johnny Weir Snaps At Anti-Gay Protestors At Parade


Johnny Weir appeared as Grand Marshal of the L.A. Pride Parade on Sunday June 12, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.  Here are some pictures of Johnny and his appearance at the parade!  The parade was also carried live on West Hollywood Channel 10 and also via webcast.

@EricAltSalons twitpic of he, Johnny and Tara dressed for the parade
Johnny and Tara on the way to L.A. Pride posted by Tara Modlin
On the float Twitpic posted by Masayobenoist
Johnny Weir, Grand Marshal of the LA Gay Pride Parade Twitpic by GayWeHo
Eric Altomare and Johnny on the float from YahooNews
@EricAltSalons twitpic of Tara on Johnny's float
@EricAltSalons twitpic of himself on Johnny's float
@EricAltSalons twitpic of Johnny's 'Victory Sign' dance
@tmodlin yfrog close up of Johnny
@JohnnyGWeir's yfrog view from his float
@tmodlin's yfrog view from the float
Grand Marshal Johnny Weir & Margaret Cho by Amanduh on
@tmodlin yfrog of Johnny, herself and 'Dirty Love'
Johnny wows the crowd
L.A. Pride Guide Magazine cover


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Johnny Weir talks Gay Pride in Los Angeles

Updated June 12, 2011 with two links and two photos!  Also, this information is a bit late (it is also available in the included links to the LA Pride Website and parade), but the parade can be watched live in two places: via West Hollywood Channel Ten or via the live webcast at this link!

Twitpic provided by Eric Altomare of he, Johnny and Tara Modlin's parade outfits:


Johnny Weir has attached his name to a Gay Pride celebration for the first time.  L.A. Pride 2011 is actually a three day event beginning Friday June 10th and continuing through Saturday and Sunday with a two day festival and parade.  Sunday June 12th Johnny will ride a float down Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood as Grand Marshal of Christopher Street West's 41st annual Pride parade.

Johnny Weir on being honored in Sunday's pride parade (Article includes the video below)
Johnny Weir talks gay pride parade (Video)

Saturday June 11 tweet from Johnny Weir:
Purple Party Event Friday June 10, 2011

 Festival Main Stage Saturday June 11, 2011

L.A. Pride Official Website

Photo Gallery: LA PRIDE 2011 Opening Night Purple Party

Johnny Weir: The Grandest Marshal of Them All

Pride, Music, Fun and Madame Tussauds

400,000 people expected at LA Pride parade on Sunday in West Hollywood

Read my friend MisfitMimes Blogs:

Next Stop: LA PRIDE!

LA Confidential: PRIDE Preview Petit Picspam!

If It's Wednesday, This Must Be Miami ... No, Wait, Philly ... No, Crap, It's Thursday


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ten of My Favorite...Okay Seven of My Favorite...Olympic Figure Skating Performances

A few days ago I started to have some random thoughts about the best figure skating performances from the Olympics.  'Best' is often a matter of opinion, though some performances seem to transcend mere 'opinion'.  Then I started to think about 'favorite' as opposed to 'best', as in what I like personally.  I decided I would come up with ten, and I quickly started a list.  I easily came up with seven and then slowed down a little at that point; therefore I decided to post seven of my 'favorites' and then give out a few honorable mentions.

I love figure skating, and I have been a fan of the sport for a number of years.  There are a number of skaters I like, some I love, and there have been a number of wonderful performances over the years, some of them quite unexpected.  Some skaters may have given an overall good performance but not had that one great performance that sticks in the fan's mind even a number of years later.  Some skaters may have won a medal, even a gold, but not given anything even close to their best performance while doing it.  For example, Scott Hamilton has been more than candid over the years since his 1984 Olympic Gold Medal in Sarajevo about the fact he had not given his best performance in the long program (video). 

Other skaters, such as Canadian pair Christine Hough and Doug Ladret, though they finished only ninth overall, gave a performance in the short program (video) at the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France that caught the imagination of the audience and helped to earn the pair a contract with 'Stars On Ice'. 

Though there are more performances I could name, honorable mentions also go to:

1) 1988 Calgary Olympic pairs bronze medalists Americans Jill Watson and Peter Oppegard (Oppegard was Brian Boitano's roommate in Calgary, is married to Michelle Kwan's older sister Karen, and recently signed on to coach 2010 Vancouver Olympic gold medalist Yu Na Kim) for their long program (video)

2) 1988 pairs gold medalists Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov for their long program (video)

3) Finland's Susanna Rahkamo and Petri Kokko with their free dance (video) from the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics (Susanna and Petri were such true originals every program they skated was memorable)

4) Philippe Candeloro for his 'D'Artagnan' long program (video) from the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan (Candeloro won his second consecutive bronze medal in Nagano; witness the wonderful footwork/fencing sequence)

Here are seven of my favorites in no particular order (a link attached to the name of the program is a second source for the video):

Brian Boitano 1988 Calgary Olympic Long Program to 'Napoleon and Josephine' posted by 3Axel1996

Even though over twenty three years have passed since this performance it is STILL my all time favorite, hands down!  Even Johnny Weir's stunningly beautiful performance in Vancouver could not eclipse Brian Boitano's gold medal winning free skate for me.  Boitano did what so few skaters have been able to do; he gave the performance of a lifetime on the night he needed it the most and won the gold medal in the best way possible.  There have been some who have claimed over the years he only won due to Sandra Bezic's choreography; however that simply is not true.  It does not matter who your coach or choreographer is, if you do not have it in you to give the performance you are truly capable of giving then you never will give it no matter who is helping you prepare.

Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko 1992 Olympic Free Dance 'A Man and A Woman' posted by tomolszt

Klimova and Ponomarenko are the only skaters with a full set of medals at the Olympics. The pair won a bronze in 1984, a silver in 1988 and became Olympic champions in 1992 At Albertville, France.  Due to the politics of how ice dancing used to be judged they knew going in they would almost certainly win the gold medal.  However they did not rest on their laurels and performed a beautiful and breathtaking free dance that left little doubt they deserved the gold medal.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean 1984 Olympic Free Dance 'Bolero' posted by tigrelis

To many fans it almost seems like Torvill and Dean practically invented ice dancing. Of course that is not the case, however when you watch this gold medal winning piece of perfection you understand why and how they were able to help popularize dance so much with so many people.

Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Olympic long program posted by TripleAxel1991

I know some people don't care for Nancy and don't think she deserved the gold in Lillehammer. I, however, disagree.  Nancy won the silver but I believe she deserved the gold. She skated beautifully in Norway and no one can ever take that away from her.

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto 2006 Olympic Free Dance from Torino, Italy posted by SergR75

When Tanith and Ben skated out on to the ice in Torino the arena was basically dead with the audience lacking energy.  There had been an accident with one dance pair and the eventual gold medalists had skated a lackluster free dance that included mistakes.  Tanith and Ben skated a clean, energetic and beautifully choreographed program that won them a silver medal, though I believe they should have won the gold.  As a commentator later said regarding Tanith and Ben's performance, "They brought the energy back into the building."

Johnny Weir 2010 Olympic Free Skate from Vancouver, British Columbia
'Fallen Angel' video link Source One posted by jejel

'Fallen Angel' video link Source Two posted by tarrelond

I don't think I even have to comment on why this program is included amongst my favorites other than it is here.  Enough said. The fact Weir did not win a medal is, well, it is just plain WRONG!

Philippe Candeloro 1994 Long Program 'The Godfather' from Lillehammer, Norway posted by sk8rtr

Few skaters ever had more fun out on the ice than Candeloro did.  This program was not flawless, but it was clever and well choreographed and it earned Candeloro his first of two consecutive Olympic bronze medals. 

So what do you all think of my choices?  Please feel free to comment below!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Johnny Weir Teams With Tadashi Shoji for Japanese Earthquake Relief

Update April 4, 2011

After the announcement was made of the Johnny Weir/Tadashi Shoji project the news was picked up by numerous news outlets and sources. 

Here are a few of them: 

Johnny Weir and Tadashi Shoji Design T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief  (
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (
Tadashi Shoji and Johnny Weir (Tadashi Collection Weblog)
Tadashi Shoji x Johnny Weir Japan Earthquake Relief Tee (
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Relief (
Just Added:

Please see also my friend Misfit Mimes Blog Ganbatte! (Please order a T-shirt and #HelpJapan!)


Johnny Weir has teamed up with designer Tadashi Shoji to design a tee shirt in support of Japanese earthquake relief efforts.  All proceeds from sales of the tee shirts will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society

Read the article Johnny Weir and Tadashi Shoji Design T-shirt for Japan Relief.  View Johnny's thirty second promo spot here

Read the article 'We Believe In You' Japan Relief Tee Shirt at Johnny's website!  The article also includes a link to the above video, photos and instructions on how to order the shirt.

Tadashi tweet one:

Tadashi tweet two:

Johnny Weir tweet:

Tadashi Shoji twitpic of the new tee shirt design:

There are a number of legitimate organizations with honest and forthright intentions to help the victims of the recent earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that have hit Japan, New Zealand, Tonga, Myanmar, Burma and other places (as well as other recent disasters in several locations).  (Tsunamis also hit areas of the United States such as parts of Hawaii, Oregon and California, though the damage and loss of life was nowhere near that of Japan.) 

There are also a lot of scammers out there.  Whatever you can do to help, whatever amount you can afford, whether it is to purchase one of these tee shirts or something else, please do whatever you can.  Anything helps, and if you can not contribute money there are also organizations who may be able to take goods that you can provide or even that you have on hand and are not using.  Simply be sensible and careful, and if you are not familiar with the organization there are many ways they can be checked out prior to a donation being made.  If you have any doubts about any appeal for help or donations send your contribution to another organization you feel you can trust.  If you are suspicious of any links you are presented with simply type the organization's URL into your browser yourself. 

The American Institute of Philanthropy is one organization that compiles a list of top rated charities; and I have included several lists of agencies below, plus direct links to several donation sites. 

Thank you for your assistance!

Australian Red Cross NZ Earthquake Appeal 2011 (New Zealand was struck by a devastating earthquake February 22nd.)

New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal

International Committee of the Red Cross

American Red Cross

International Disaster Relief Agencies

List of Relief Organizations

Disaster Relief Agencies

2011 Significant Earthquake and News Headlines Archive compiled by the United States Geological Survey


Fans may now order the DVD of Pop Star On Ice from their website at this link!

Watch Johnny Weir's 'Talk Stoop' Interview with Cat Greenleaf here:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Johnny Weir to Appear at Skate For Hope on June 18th

Johnny Weir will skate again at the Skate For Hope benefit at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio on June 18, 2011.  Skate for Hope is a premier figure skating event that benefits breast cancer research and helps raise awareness of the disease.  Proceeds from this event are donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund at the Ohio State University James Cancer Center and the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.  This is a cause that is near and dear to Johnny Weir's heart.

Johnny's message to his fans:
On June 18th, I will perform at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio to help raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research.
If you can, Come see me!!! If you can't, join me here and make a donation! I'm reaching out to my fans to join me in raising $10,000 for cancer research! If you can help, any and all donations are appreciated.

If each of my facebook friends donate $1 together we will raise over $50,000 for cancer research!!!

If you can donate $50, SFH will thank you by mailing you a copy of my SFH poster.

If you can donate $100, I will autograph this poster in June and SFH will mail it to you after the show!

All gifts are tax deductible so let's help find a cure!

Love & Thanks to All,


Friday, February 18, 2011

Johnny Weir Does Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011

Update and video added April 4th:
The television show Cake Boss on TLC chronicles the family run Carlos Bakery of Hoboken, New Jersey and the cakes they make, many of them extreme.  First run episodes are on Monday nights; and the Monday March 28th episode showcased bakery owner Buddy Valastro and his employees (several of them family members) making seven cakes for Isaac Mizrahi's show during New York Fashion Week.  Isaac appears several times during the show, and there are also four glimpses of Johnny Weir near the end of the Cake Boss episode.  All of the appearances are only a few seconds long and all of them are during the last five minutes of the episode.  The first glimpse is before the show begins with a glimpse of Johnny standing with his agent Tara Modlin; the second is a quick shot of the cakes being paraded down the runway with Johnny clearly visible in the front row; the third is at the end of the fashion show where Isaac walks down the runway to applause and waves at Johnny; and the fourth and last glimpse is as the credits roll Johnny and Isaac pose for photographs.

Here are video clips of Isaac's episode of Cake Boss (no Johnny):

A source for the full episode of Cake Boss here!
Another source for the full episode here!

Video added February 22nd:
Johnny Weir- MBFW Fall 2011
<a href="">Johnny Weir- MBFW Fall 2011</a>

Video added February 21st:

CHIC.TV Fashion: Chris Benz - Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week (Johnny Weir at the beginning, and approximately 1:25 and 1:34.)

Video added February 19th:

PopEater goes backstage for Fashion Week (01:24) (Johnny Weir at approximately :58!)

Johnny Weir was very active during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week! He walked in Richie Rich's 'Villionaire' fashion show, Asher Levine's show, Indashio's show, and skated in ELISE ØVERLAND's show.  Johnny also designed and showed a four piece collection for creative furrier Adrienne LandauHe also attended numerous other shows, most of them invitation only, such as Tadashi Shoji, where he sat in the front row; Chris Benz, Isaac Mizrahi, Timo Weiland, Alice + Olivia, Dennis Basso, Jill Zarin's Skweez Couture preview, and Heart for Truth's Red Dress Event.  After every event he was involved in there were numerous tweets, pictures, videos, interviews and articles; both about him and the designers whose shows he attended.

I have provided a few sources; however there are many more articles, interviews and photos than are included here.  There are also many more articles, photos and videos on the Blogs I wrote for the individual shows Johnny either walked in or skated in.   


New York Fashion Week Live Stream from AP Fashion
Article: New York Fashion Week: Fall 2011: February 10 - 17
Article: 2011′s Face of Fashion Week: Johnny Weir
Article: Lancement de la Fashion Week de New York (French Vogue)
Article: Johnny Weir Talks PETA and Ponytails at Tadashi Shoji
Article: Tadashi Shoji: Organza Petals and a Figure Skater in a Giant Fur
Photos: Johnny Weir at
Photos and Articles: Johnny Weir at
Photos: Johnny Weir at
Article: Weir Skates His Way Onto Fashion Runway
Article: Johnny Weir's Wearisome Fashion Schedule
Photos: Johnny Weir at Getty Images
Photos: Johnny Weir at
Photos by Billy Farrell Agency: Johnny Weir
Article: Timo Weiland Trips with Gloria Vanderbilt and Keith Richards for Fall 2011
Article: The Fug Girls Get Beauty Tips From Johnny Weir
Article: Johnny Weir shared a 'gorgeous New York moment' with Lady Gaga
Article/Interview/Video: Johnny Weir Loves Fashion, Fur…and His Mullet
Article: Who Can Rock a Fur Coat More Fiercely than Johnny Weir
Photo: Chic Inspector: Johnny Weir Arriving at the Tents
Photo: Johnny Weir and Sarah Hughes at Alice + Olivia
Article/Pictures: Fall 2011: Chris Benz
Photos: Fur-tastic front row celebs at DennisBasso Johnny Weir
Article/Video: Johnny Weir Craves Chicken Fingers, Puts Off Dry Cleaning
Article/Photos: Johnny Weir is magnificent: “I have a mullet, and I own it and love it”
Article/Interview: Skaterman Johnny Weir Totes a Birkin, Dishes on Bethenny Frankel
Video: Marc Bouwer 3D Fashion Show Fall 2011 Red Carpet Celebrity Interviews with TheSalonGuy (Johnny Weir at approximately 2:28.)
Article/Photo: spotted! This Fashion Week's patron saint johnnygweir Isaacmizrahi #nyfw
Article/Photos: Behold the Many Fashion Week Outfits of Johnny Weir
Article/Photos: Johhny Weir Took Over Fashion Week
Article: Missed Fashion Week? Here are our crib notes to the New York collections.
Article: Fashion Week: Johnny Weir Spills on Death Threats
Article/Photo: The 10 Best Tweets of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011
Article/Photo: Top 10 OMG Moments From New York Fashion Week Fall 2011
Article/Photo: Favorite Fashion Week Moments (Interview with JW at Chris Benz #2)


My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Richie Rich's 'Villionaire' Fashion Line'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Attends the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2011'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Asher Levine's Fashion Line'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Ice Rink for Elise Øverland's Fashion Line'

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My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Adrienne Landau'

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Posted by AvenueSwank (Johnny Weir can be seen in the front row several times).

Posted by FashionTrendsDaily

 Johnny with designer Marc Bouwer.
 Johnny with designer Isaac Mizrahi.
Johnny with designer Timo Weiland.

Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Adrienne Landau

Added March 1, 2011:
Posted by stuarto211.


Johnny Weir walked in Adrienne Landau's show, his final event of New York Fashion Week 2011.  The pieces he wore were of his own design; therefore, although he has worn his own designs (as have other skaters) as costumes while skating, his collaboration in this show was also his own fashion design debut.  While Johnny Weir tweeted a number of times about this and other shows he took part in this week, his excitement at debuting his own creations is most evident here


Photos: Johnny Weir at
Photos: Johnny Weir at
Photos: Johnny Weir at



My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Richie Rich's 'Villionaire' Fashion Line'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Attends the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2011'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Asher Levine's Fashion Line'

My Blog 'Johnny Weir Hits the Ice Rink for Elise Øverland's Fashion Line'

My Blog 'Ringleader Johnny Weir Hits the Runway for Indashio'


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