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Hot child in the city: 25 again, Japan trip, and constant jet-setting

Hot child in the city: 25 again, Japan trip, and constant jet-setting

Hot child in the city: 25 again, Japan trip, and constant jet-setting
July 20th, 2010 by Johnny Weir

(Maybe just one cupcake. A girl’s gotta watch her figure! Photo by Moises De Pena/WireImage.)

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Damn, it’s hot. I can’t get over the heat of the summer; maybe it’s global warming, but, in my twisted little mind, summer is when people’s inner sexiness starts to reappear, and that’s why it gets hot. The shirtless-ness, the bikinis, the sky-high stilettos of the drag queens…it’s amazing.

My summer has been insane. The season finale of BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR was a huge hit, thank you for watching. The episode left a lot of people guessing about what’s next for me, and I suppose all I can say is wait and see, that’s what I’ll be doing too.

I celebrated my “25 Again” birthday in style at Hudson Terrace in Manhattan and got to hang with some of my closest friends and a few of my favorite people. Tara, all the Dingles*, Richie Rich, Chris Benz and, my new favorite person, Sebastian Stan all came out to support my aging process. I was in heaven. There were some photographs circulating of my “kissing” various people, but it was just a cupcake pass around, so calm down, I only kiss on the cheek anyway. My outfit was great, an Adrienne Landau sparkly vest, a pair of Louboutin saddle shoes and it was even chilly enough for a Landau fur bolero. HEAVEN! My birthday was so much fun, and I have my amazing friends to thank for organizing it, and of course Hudson Terrace for having all that crazy descend upon them.

(With my Dingles: Richie Rich of Heatherette and life-long BFF Paris Childers. Photo by Moises De Pena/WireImage.)

A few days after my birthday I flew to Japan to perform in Fantasy on Ice in Niigata and then went on to Tokyo for a photo shoot for my soon to be released Art Book that we’re tentatively calling “I Feel Pretty.” The shows went very well and I debuted a new costume for my “Poker Face” gala program. It is pretty outrageous but still needs some work. The shoulder ribbons were so tall I couldn’t jump! The photo shoot was incredible. We shot many different looks, doll shots where I was made to look like a porcelain creature in an “antique house” in a Tokyo suburb, street shots on the busiest square in Shibuya, walking down a crazy street in Harajuku and standing on a median in Ebisu as well as studio shots with my security bear, Ping. I also got the opportunity to meet one of Japan’s most recognizable artists and copywriters, Itoi Shigesato. I did a great interview with him in his office where his staff decorated the light fixture to look like a halo of roses, and on day two of my photo shoot, he came to watch and try his luck on the ice. I was proud to coach him on the value of pretty hands, and he impressed me with his fearlessness. Itoi-san is an amazing man, and if you think you don’t know who he is, he invented the name, “Game Boy.” Japan is always so incredible for me and it is that way because of my fans. Nobody had louder applause in the shows, or felt more support than me. I hope my fans in Japan know how much I love them and I hope next time I am in their country I can spend more time with them. Japan was a big success.

Coming up next are a few great appearances, two of them on ice, in America! In early August I’m going to an event in support of GLAAD Manhattan, next weekend I am performing in Sun Valley, Idaho as part of their summer ice show series and undoubtedly visiting one of my favorite vintage shops in Ketchum, Idaho called Déjà vu. The day after the show I am heading to Los Angeles to judge an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and then I’m back to New York to head upstate to Lake Placid and perform in their summer ice show. If you can make it to Sun Valley or Lake Placid, I’d love to see you and put on a show!

Life is flying by right now, and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I wish I could take a mini vacation, but it seems almost out of the question for now. Hopefully, by fall, there will be a spare weekend. As always, thank you all for reading, for all your support and love and I’ll be back with a new blog very soon.

I love you!

- Johnny

(Toast a glass of champagne like there ain’t no tomorrow! Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.)

*Dingles are my group of friends. The name comes from Blackberry wireless devices actually. We all have them, and we call Blackberry Instant Messages, “dingles.” Any form of the word Dingle can be used to describe a person or message or phone call. For example, we call one another by the word, “Ding” or “Dingle” and when someone needs to send me any kind of message I say to “Dingle me.” I hope that makes sense. People were starting to ask me if “Dingle” was derived from a British TV show, and it absolutely wasn’t. DING!
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