Sunday, July 25, 2010

Johnny Weir at Sun Valley July 24, 2010

I was not lucky enough to attend the event at Sun Valley, Idaho on July 24, 2010.  However, I am acquainted with several people who were there.  Johnny Weir performed 'Heartbroken', and 'Poker Face' as his two numbers.  'Poker Face' was performed with new makeup and a new costume first introduced to his fans through three recent shows performed in Japan.  The fans have all said Johnny skated very well; that 'Heartbroken' was beautiful, and the new 'Poker Face' costume looks good during the performances.  They also say Johnny was very accomodating to his fans, and stayed to give every last one who wanted an autograph a chance to get one.  One fan said he spent well over an hour taking photographs and signing autographs with fans.  Despite some over zealous fans who apparently unnerved Johnny a little by yelling and demanding pictures, Johnny Weir was gracious as always.  Every fan review of the show and of meeting Johnny afterward has been positive and this is really good to hear!

Johnny had a hard time even getting to Sun Valley in the first place.  His plane was delayed before he even took off.  His agent Tara Modlin was waiting for him in Salt Lake City, and tried to convince the airline to delay their connecting flight to Idaho.  The plane waited as long as it could, but eventually had to take off causing Johnny to miss his connecting flight.  Johnny and Tara were forced to spend the night in Salt Lake City, though they said the hotel they stayed at was very accomodating; and travel to Sun Valley Saturday morning.  Tara posted a funny Twitpic of the two of them on their connecting flight.

They eventually made it to Sun Valley early Saturday, and were able to get some shopping in at Davis in Ketchum, Idaho.

Short Rehearsal Video (38 Seconds)

Sun Valley Group Rehearsal One

Sun Valley Group Rehearsal Two

Poker Face performed in Sun Valley

All above rehearsal videos courtesy of Nicole Davis.

Heartbroken video courtesy of Mackenzie Keller.

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