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Johnny Weir Teams With Tadashi Shoji for Japanese Earthquake Relief

Update April 4, 2011

After the announcement was made of the Johnny Weir/Tadashi Shoji project the news was picked up by numerous news outlets and sources. 

Here are a few of them: 

Johnny Weir and Tadashi Shoji Design T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (StyleBistro.com)
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief  (EdgeNewYork.com)
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (Topix.com)
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Earthquake Relief (EdgePhiladelphia.com)
Tadashi Shoji and Johnny Weir (Tadashi Collection Weblog)
Tadashi Shoji x Johnny Weir Japan Earthquake Relief Tee (SickaThanAverage.com)
Tadashi Shoji & Johnny Weir Create T-Shirt for Japan Relief (TheCWDC.com)
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Please see also my friend Misfit Mimes Blog Ganbatte! (Please order a T-shirt and #HelpJapan!)


Johnny Weir has teamed up with designer Tadashi Shoji to design a tee shirt in support of Japanese earthquake relief efforts.  All proceeds from sales of the tee shirts will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society

Read the Fashionetc.com article Johnny Weir and Tadashi Shoji Design T-shirt for Japan Relief.  View Johnny's thirty second promo spot here

Read the article 'We Believe In You' Japan Relief Tee Shirt at Johnny's website!  The article also includes a link to the above video, photos and instructions on how to order the shirt.

Tadashi tweet one:

Tadashi tweet two:

Johnny Weir tweet:

Tadashi Shoji twitpic of the new tee shirt design:

There are a number of legitimate organizations with honest and forthright intentions to help the victims of the recent earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that have hit Japan, New Zealand, Tonga, Myanmar, Burma and other places (as well as other recent disasters in several locations).  (Tsunamis also hit areas of the United States such as parts of Hawaii, Oregon and California, though the damage and loss of life was nowhere near that of Japan.) 

There are also a lot of scammers out there.  Whatever you can do to help, whatever amount you can afford, whether it is to purchase one of these tee shirts or something else, please do whatever you can.  Anything helps, and if you can not contribute money there are also organizations who may be able to take goods that you can provide or even that you have on hand and are not using.  Simply be sensible and careful, and if you are not familiar with the organization there are many ways they can be checked out prior to a donation being made.  If you have any doubts about any appeal for help or donations send your contribution to another organization you feel you can trust.  If you are suspicious of any links you are presented with simply type the organization's URL into your browser yourself. 

The American Institute of Philanthropy is one organization that compiles a list of top rated charities; and I have included several lists of agencies below, plus direct links to several donation sites. 

Thank you for your assistance!

Australian Red Cross NZ Earthquake Appeal 2011 (New Zealand was struck by a devastating earthquake February 22nd.)

New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal

International Committee of the Red Cross

American Red Cross

International Disaster Relief Agencies

List of Relief Organizations

Disaster Relief Agencies

2011 Significant Earthquake and News Headlines Archive compiled by the United States Geological Survey


Fans may now order the DVD of Pop Star On Ice from their website at this link!

Watch Johnny Weir's 'Talk Stoop' Interview with Cat Greenleaf here:

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