Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vogue Nippon Johnny Weir Video, Blog and Pictures

Vogue Nippon Johnny Weir Preview includes the above video plus a picture of the magazine cover, as well as a picture of Johnny with Hello Kitty and the link to the Fashion Blog below.
A lovely Japanese friend  has translated the red circled words as 'Johnny Weir, Prince of the Ice, experienced glamorous Tokyo'.

Visit the Vogue Nippon Blog which has seven photographs of Johnny Weir plus three videos.  Six of the photographs are from the Vogue Nippon issue, and one is from the Kiss and Cry area at the Vancouver Olympics.  One video is the 'Image Spot' from Be Good Johnny Weir, another is his Closet Confessions video, and the third is Johnny's performance of 'Poker Face' from Silk Skate For the Heart.  Included also is a link to LeBaron De Paris, the club where a party in Johnny's honor was held, and where one of the photo shoots for the magazines took place.


akiko said...

Thank you, WheresMyKoppy!

I summarized the Japanese passage:

Vogue Nippon chose Johnny as the first guest of the new series “"The Person VOGUE Editor Wants to Meet."

Ms. Sugiyama, Editor of Vogue Nippon, doesn’t know sports well, and she overlooked Johnny Weir, who was in the spotlight in the Olympics in January. Asking herself who she wanted to meet for the new project, she happened to see the video, “Closet Confession.” Then she wished to meet him. She hadn’t seen such a figure skater who loved ♡ fashion as Johnny. While she was researching, she watched how he was at the kiss & cry in the Vancouver Olympics, and knew he had a reality show, BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR.

Anyone would get interested in him, she thought. Then they heard that Johnny was coming to Japan to perform for the FOI in Fukui early September. They contacted him and asked him to spare for Vogue Nippon a few days before he left for Fukui. So a whole-day shoot of Johnny Weir in Tokyo was realized.

They thought only special experiences with glitter would be suitable to Johnny with glitter—that’s why Johnny was asked to meet Shogo Kariyazaki, the most famous and popular flower artist, and Hello Kitty. He also enjoyed dining at Ukaitei at Omotesandoo, shopping at Sister in Shibuya, and a party at Le Baron.

According to Ms. Sugiyama, at shooting, Johnny was amazingly photogenic in any situation. And he was really professional, no different from professional models.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you so much Akiko! Your translation and assistance is VERY much appreciated! Thank you again!

Debora Walsh said...

Great blog post! Thank you Akiko for translating! Remember how happy he seemed during that whole trip? Japan really laid on the love and I think the pictures are going reflect that perfectly!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Yes, he did seem happy during the entire trip. During the first trip he got a lot off his mind with his announcement of his year off, and the second time he really felt the love from all the photo shoots and the fans... It was probably a very pleasant experience both times even though he did have a cold part of the time! Wonderful what being made to feel welcome can do for the psyche!

akiko said...

WheresMyKoppy and Debora, you're welcome and thank you for your comments! Yes, Johnny always seemed happy during the latest Japan trip. I also hope all the pictures in Vogue will beautifully reflect his feelings of relief and love.

aaaack said...

Thank you for the article and translation.

WheresMyKoppy said...

You're welcome! Akiko has been SO generous in helping us to translate things!

Anonymous said...

Anna Dello Russo, Editor in chief or japanese vogue has a great, amazing sense of fashion. I love every single cover she does for Vogue :)

WheresMyKoppy said...

This one is certainly interesting!