Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All That Skate Odyssey Picture and Video Links

A couple of my videos did not upload properly, and YouTube indicated they were rejected due to a duplicate upload.  I tried deleting and re uploading, however I kept getting the same message.  Therefore I signed in under a second account and uploaded all the videos again.  Unfortunately two of them still show as 'Rejected - Duplicate Upload', however it is only the two of them.  The videos I shot listed below in my original Blog are still there, however most of them are now also located in another place:

All That Skate Los Angeles Rehearsal Videos
All That Skate Los Angeles Show Videos
Short Video of Stephane Lambiel in the hotel lobby

This drool worthy glimpse of Johnny in Skaters Versus B Boys from All K Pop simply MUST go at the top of this post and extra large!


I did bring my own video camera to both the Saturday afternoon rehearsal and the Saturday evening performance of All That Skate L.A.  However the quality is not nearly as good as I hoped it would be.  In addition, I felt like two ushers were watching me during the rehearsal, so I put my camera down for part of it and thus did not get the entire show. That evening I walked down the wrong aisle and did not get to my seat in time, therefore I did not get the opening number on video.  Due to all these factors, while I have now uploaded all twenty-six of my videos to my YouTubeChannel in two separate playlists, one for dress rehearsal videos and the other for show videos; I would also like to direct readers toward some other wonderful sources of video from the show!  (There is WAY more video available than I have listed here!  Simply check out the Blogs and sources below, or perform a search at YouTube.)

Johnny Weir: Ice dance debut? This is a fun video from practice sessions at All That Skate L.A. of Johnny ice dancing with good friend Tanith Belbin.

Please visit my friend Misfit Mime's Blogs:
A Banner Day at All That Skate, All The Good Parts of All That Skate (Actually It Was All Incredibly Good, But We'll Start Here) Saturday Special! Revisiting Seattle to Avoid Pining for LA ...  and Friday Fun: Postcards from LA for links to wonderful videos and pictures, humorous stories, show reviews, and great pictures of the banners sent by the wonderful Chinese Johnny's Angels to be displayed at the show in Los Angeles!

Also visit Nicovember's YouTube Channel for several All That Skate L.A. videos of stunning good quality!  She has Johnny's performances from both shows, as well as several other pieces of video of great quality!

Visit All That Skate's YouTube Channel for behind the scenes on the production of the show.

Visit Yunayuna111's YouTube Channel for more videos!

All That Skate LA Sunday Stephane Lambiel and Johnny Weir Tik Tok spins 10.3.2010 posted by Marnianne.

Johnny Weir in All That Skate L.A. by julieryzha.

Johnny Weir Poker Face via FanCam by YanisRei.

Visit Tnguswlsk You Tube Channel for several quality ATS L.A. videos.

Visit PrideIOfEarth You Tube Channel for ATS L.A. rehearsal videos.

Visit littlehoarse You Tube Channel for several quality ATS L.A. videos including Johnny Weir ATS LA - teaser for Poker Face!

Johnny Weir taking a bow at AtS LA  by midwintering.

Visit AB1111111111111111AB YouTube Channel for quality videos from the NBC telecast!

Here is my own 'Silly Souvenir Video' showing some of what I brought home from the show, though I forgot to shoot my three signs!

Brief glimpse of Stephane Lambiel in the lobby after the show.  I, unfortunately, did not have my camera out when Johnny came through the lobby!

ATS 2010 LA Act 2 08 Johnny Weir - Pokerface uploaded by AB1111111111111111AB.

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