Friday, December 10, 2010

Johnny Weir's Flint, Michigan Media Blitz

Johnny Weir has had an exhausting few weeks!  He judged an episode of 'Skating With the Stars' on Monday November 29; flew to Australia and did three shows in Melbourne on December 2, 3 and 4 (including a major media blitz); flew back to the United States and did another episode of 'Skating With the Stars' on December 6; flew to San Antonio, Texas and did a show at the Alamodome on Wednesday, December 8th; and then flew to Michigan, where he is doing a show in Flint on December 11th at the Perani Arena.  This show, titled 'Holiday Dreams On Ice', is to benefit the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in an area especially hard hit by the current economic recession.  Show programs will be given away free to show attendees who bring a non-perishable food item to the show, and many young, local skaters will have a chance to skate with some of their idols.

At after three am local time on Friday December 10, Johnny Weir sent a Tweet indicating he had slept only an hour due to insomnia and was facing another media blitz. He also indicated he was due at a local Fox Station at 5:45 am.  Approximately an hour later he sent another Tweet indicating fans should tune into ABC 7 Detroit to watch him.  Two hours after the ABC 7 tweet he sent yet another Tweet; this time indicating he was in the Green Room at FOX 2 Detroit and fans should get ready for more morning madness!  Seven hours after the FOX 2 tweet Johnny sent his most recent Tweet, indicating he was heading to the Flint, Michigan ABC station and then to the first stage rehearsal of 'Dirty Love'!  Our poor, exhausted Johnny Weir!  Hopefully he got enough rest Friday night to be rested before the show Saturday at Perani Arena in Flint, Michigan!

Alicia Smith (WXYZ Morning Anchor) and Erin Nicole (WXYZ Traffic Reporter) Tweet:
Being interviewed by Alicia Smith:

ABC 12 Interview with Johnny Weir:

Johnny Weir's Holiday Dreams on Ice (Article and WJBK Fox 2 Detroit video)
(Okay, there is something really odd and flukey going on here...  I had the WXYZ video directly below this one, and for some reason that video also became embedded above in the FOX 2 video spot.  So I deleted both videos and re-embedded them separately.  This time the FOX 2 video appeared in both places.  Thinking I had somehow mixed up the links, I deleted the WXYZ video and moved it to the bottom of the Blog underneath the Detroit Free Press article, hoping that separating them would fix whatever oddball thing was occurring. No such luck! As soon as I embedded that video it also showed up in the FOX 2 spot. Therefore I have decided to stop messing with both of them.  To watch the FOX 2 video please follow the link above or here (Johnny Weir's Holiday Dreams on Ice (Article and WJBK Fox 2 Detroit video); and to watch the WXYZ video, follow the link or the embedded video at the bottom of the Blog!  Sorry for the mix up, but I can NOT seem to fix it!  I also decided to quickly create a separate Blog Johnny Weir's Flint, Michigan Media Blitz (Part 2) just for the FOX 2 video, so whatever weirdness was occurring with the links would not happen.  So you may also click over to that Blog to watch the FOX interview.

My Fox Detroit Interview picture:

Figure skater Johnny Weir not competing, but spotlight still finds him (Detroit Free Press article by Jo-Ann Barnas, Free Press Sports Writer)

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