Saturday, December 11, 2010

Johnny Weir's Flint, Michigan Media Blitz (Part 2)

I decided to embed the FOX 2 video on a separate Blog and provide a link to link it to the main Blog Johnny Weir's Flint, Michigan Media Blitz.

Johnny Weir's Holiday Dreams on Ice (Part 1)


Holiday Dreams on Ice held at Perani Arena (Rehearsal video with short Johnny Weir interview from TV News report)

Local skaters to join Olympian for ‘Holiday Dreams on Ice’ event
(Print article from 'The Oakland Press')

Plixi pic of Johnny Weir at rehearsal by his friend and hair stylist Eric Altomare
Plixi pic of Johnny Weir posted by Eric Altomare (Caption: Here he is. Our lovely boy..@JohnnyGWeir).  Eric had previously tweeted fans Johnny would have blue hair extensions and that he would be sending pictures.

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