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Down Under With Johnny Weir

FORMER world champion roller skater Jayson Sutcliffe has a lot in common with popular Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir.


Added December 12, 2010:

Here's Johnny (This article was one of several written about Johnny in relation to his trip to Melbourne, Australia. The article also discusses the comments made about him by both the Australian broadcasters and the Quebec broadcasters.)

Harbour Town Christmas On Ice

By all accounts Johnny Weir was warmly welcomed in Australia, and felt completely at home there.  He did several interviews and was well received by the interviewers (such as radio announcer James Findlay).  The Australian fans enjoyed the shows immensely, as evidenced by their excited tweets, screaming at the shows, as well as twitpics from thes show and from meeting Johnny.  A few Australians even apologized to Johnny via Twitter for the weather not being perfect upon his arrival!  I started adding the Hashtag #LetsGoDownUnderWithJohnnyWeir to my Tweets until he left Australia!

Johnny Weir on the 7pm Project from Turbo Productions on Vimeo.

Interview with Johnny Weir in Melbourne from Turbo Productions on Vimeo.

Johnny Weir - Ava Maria in Melbourne Australia from Turbo Productions on Vimeo.

Johnny Weir - Bad Romance in Melbourne Australia from Turbo Productions on Vimeo.

Johnny Weir - Ava Maria from Turbo Productions on Vimeo.

Johnny Weir Visits Eddie McGuire (Includes video I am having trouble embedding properly!)

Audio Interviews:

Eddie McGuire calls Johnny Weir a good mate, a ripper, & a bloke, says go see him skate
The Glory Boys on JOY 94.9 (Podcast of interview can be listened to here.)


Ice magic conquers Oz
Ice star Weir giving McGuire a shake
American ice champ Johnny Weir chills out (Includes picture of Johnny giving reporter Nui Te Koha a figure skating lesson)
The iceman cometh, but not to Eddie's house
Johnny Weir Coming To Melbourne
Cute Sporty Gays


Johnny's Agent Tara Modlin posted sixty-four photos from their visit to the Melbourne Park Zoo on Facebook.


Special Saturday / Sunday / WTFever-day: Best of Melbourne (Misfit Mimes Blog)
Friday Is the New Saturday!  (Misfit Mimes Blog)
Brief Random Roundup ...  (... Because I Have No Idea WTF Time It Is Anywhere Least of All Australia As There Is Math Involved Although the World Clock Site Helps So Let's Just Go With a Bunch of Links and Visuals From Johnny's First Full Day in Melbourne While "Down Under" Runs Endlessly Through Our Heads.)  (Misfit Mimes Blog)

Fun Tweeters:

DrewBoyTweets (Australian journalist who posted the 'Ice magic conquers Oz' article)
Alex Cooke (Melbourne resident who told fans of Johnny's Australian shows before he officially announced them)
Matthew Mitcham (Australian Olympic Gold Medalist diver who interviewed and became friends with Johnny in Australia)
James Findlay (Australian radio announcer who conducted the The Glory Boys on JOY 94.9 interview)
Chrissie Swan (Australian journalist who did the 7pm Project Interview)

A Few Photographs:

Photo uploaded by Matthew Mitcham of he and Johnny in Melbourne:
 Johnny performing his trademark knee slide move during a practice session:
 'Bad Romance' performance at the Icehouse in Docklands.
Johnny on the plane from Los Angeles to Australia.
Reporter Nui Te Koha taking an ice skating lesson with Johnny Weir.  (Picture by Fiona Hamilton Source Herald Sun)
The Olympian and the Amateur video: (You may need to click on the link to watch the video if the embed code does not work. Sometimes it indicates the video is not available.)

Good-bye Australia Tweet:

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