Sunday, September 26, 2010

Johnny Weir Wallpaper and Calendar at

Itoi Shigesato and Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun ("Almost Daily Itoi News") abbreviated as 'Hobonichi' (the office of Itoi Shigesato), recent conducted and published a wonderful series of ten interviews Johnny Weir!!!  Johnny Comes to Our Office via their website.  They have now put up a section on their website where fans may download wallpaper and/or calendars with photographs of Johnny Weir and others.  A wonderful fan first alerted us non-Japanese fans to this unexpected treat, and then translated the instructions into English for us to use.  A twitpic of what to do was even included.

1) click a pic of Johnny :)
2) and upper --> with a calendar . lower --> Wall paper
3) Wall paper --> choose the size & click --> right click on pic of Johnny --> save it
4) do not worry. you can do DL ag...ain and again :)
5) with Calendar : click a blue plate(choose the size)-->

The twitpic she included has pictures of what we should click on!

The fan also communicated with @1101complus, who later sent a series of three Tweets, explaining in English how to download the wallpaper and calendar.  You will find a series of eleven squares at the page, one of which has a picture of Johnny in it.  This is the square you should click on to download the wallpaper and the calendar.

The green boxes represent the Wallpaper, and the blue boxes represent the calendar.

Tweet Number One
Tweet Number Two
Tweet Number Three

There are also further instructions in Japanese included.

Interviews with Johnny Weir and all photos and videos included in them are (C)HOBO NIKKAN ITOI SHINBUN.

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