Saturday, November 27, 2010

Johnny Weir's Interview on WGN Radio

Johnny Weir called in to WGN Radio host Brian Noonan's show on Friday November 26th.
Here is Noonan's Tweet about the interview:

Brian Noonan is the weekend overnight host on WGN AM720 in Chicago. He is on Friday night/Saturday morning 2-5 am and Saturday night/Sunday morning 12-5 am. He suggests listeners tune in for some late night fun at Brian Noonan WGN Radio!

Here is the direct link to the MP3 of Johnny's interview with him:

The interview is (of course) audio only, and there is also an option to download the MP3.

Special Bonus:

In case of difficulty with the above link this radio interview from Australia may also be accessed via this link!

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