Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to YouTube Johnny Weir!

Monday November 15 Johnny Weir Tweeted he had some videos of his Triple Axel training.  He told his fans he did not know how to post them, but he would find someone who did.
Of course this Tweet resulted in a number of fans telling Johnny how much they wanted to see the videos of him working on his triple axel, myself included.  He had told us the previous week his triple axel was back
after telling us the day before he was going to work on it:
Tuesday morning Johnny let us know he was still working on the videos:
Tuesday evening Johnny Tweeted he had learned how to use YouTube and gave his fans the URL's of two videos he had put up on his new Official Johnny Weir channel. 
The first video is a twenty-five second clip of a plain triple axel.
Of this video Johnny said 'A plain triple axel. YouTube is kind of fun.'

The second video is a twenty-nine second clip of a triple axel, triple toe loop combination.
Of this video Johnny said: 'I learned how to "YouTube"! Me trying to get in shape again at Hackensack, New Jersey. The triple toe was cheated, but I'm trying! I'm sorry for the video quality but I train alone and needed to ask the wall to film me.'

These two little videos resulted in numerous tweets at Twitter and comments underneath the videos at YouTube from fans telling Johnny how glad they were he was doing the triple axel again, we love your black practice outfit, welcome to YouTube, please post more videos and so on.  A number of us also volunteered to be his videographer, of course!  Johnny currently has several hundred views and over two hundred subscribers, and this number is certain to go up as he (hopefully) posts more video.  Yay Johnny! Welcome to YouTube!

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