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RiaNovosti Interview with Viktor Petrenko Re Sochi 2014

Just added:  Below this translation I have added an English translation from Google Translate provided by my friend Li.

English translation via Babylon of RiaNovosti interview with 1992 Men's Olympic Figure Skating Champion Viktor Petrenko re figure skating in Sochi, Russia in 2014. 

I have the translation software on my computer, but I had to put the translation here due to some difficulty with the link to the actual translation.  Even though it is a bit difficult to understand in places, I left the translation exactly as I got it from Babylon, except for a clarification of a few of the names.   


Sport.Tourismфигуристам-veterans in Sochi would be difficult to champion Olympiad Petrenko

14:1817 /11/2010

Moskva, 17 Nov-RIA News. фигуристам previous generations, contemplating speak during the Olympics 2014 at Sochi, be a difficult struggle with very talented young people, considers SOVETSKIY and Ukrainian фигурист Viktor Petrenko, Olympic champion 1992 and Bronze winner Olympiad-1988.

Recently 28-year-old Russian Eugene плющенко (Plushenko), Olympic champion 2006, said, that is going to participate in the games-2014. Its example, as reported in the week foreign media, will follow 26-year-old àìåðèêàíåö Johnny вейр (Weir), which him Petrenko. does not exclude participation in Sochi Olympiad ровесник la ex-World Champion French Brian жубер (Joubert).

"Old Kony slots, of course, do not detract, but had not make, and philosophically observed Petrenko in conversation with RIA News. -is difficult to anticipate that the плющенко, La and жубера in Sochi could happen, but it seems to me that the current youth exclusively is strong. In the fight against the "old" would not be easy. Everything will depend on the extent to which experienced athletes psychologically will cope with attack young. But did not torture ".

"desire of my ward Johnny speak in Sochi, of course, it was commendable, and with laughter added Petrenko. -but only for the trainings in this year I it is not yet seen it. For example, went on several occasions go before any show. But it does n't work seriously. Well, probably, it has continued period of rest. And that, since many, to Olympiad four more years. "

Olympic champion believes that the adopted before the season changes in rules, aimed at, to encourage athletes more frequently try perform четверные скачкi, go figure skating to benefit.

"I have already see trend to more attempts execution has four traffic, said Petrenko. -at the stage Grand Prix in Canada local фигурист (Kevin Reynolds) sang two different leap-frog in an arbitrary programme ".

"It is fitting that courage is encouraged, and added specialist. -It now if прыжок недокрученным by a quarter traffic is produced, sportsman still receives 70 per cent of its value. We have long sought technical committee ISU introduce such changes in the Rules. "

In the same time Petrenko considers an important skill фигуриста own technology Catania. "Canadian Patrick Chan, of course, can fall three times in one programme, but I understand, for which he is given a high second evaluation, and stressed companion RIA News. -And you will understand when or how many перебежек he makes in dispersing. I will: tracked the Chan only four return for the short program. "

On the Olympic champion, this fact "clearly said of the highest level ownership коньком." "The Fall Chan punished, low points he has received, and noted specialist. -But skill Catania and the other components of the excellent level ".

Here's a google translate attempt, it's a litte easier to understand I think:


Veteran skaters in Sochi will be difficult - Olympic champion Petrenko
...17/11/2010 14:18

MOSCOW, November 17 - RIA Novosti. Previous generation of skaters who are going to perform at the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi will be a difficult fight against a very talented young people, said the Soviet and Ukrainian figure skater Viktor Petrenko, the Olympic champion in 1992 and bronze medalist, 1988.

Recently, 28-year old Russian Evgeny Plushenko, the Olympic champion in 2006, said he would take part in the Games in 2014. His example, as reported this week, foreign media, is going to follow the 26-year-old American Johnny Weir, who coached Petrenko. Does not exclude participation in the Sochi Olympics contemporary Weir former champion Frenchman Brian Joubert.

"Old horses furrows, of course, do not spoil, but deep down do not plow - Petrenko said philosophically in a conversation with RIA Novosti. - It is difficult to predict that Plushenko, Weir and Joubert in Sochi can get, but I think that today's youth is exceptionally strong . In the fight with her "old" will not be easy. It will all depend on how experienced athletes psychologically cope with the attack of the young. But no harm in trying. "

"The desire of my ward Johnny speak in Sochi, of course, commendable - with a laugh added Petrenko. - But only here in training this year, I have not seen it yet. So, come a few times to ride before some shows. But seriously, he does not works. Well, apparently, he still continues a period of rest. But what a lot of time, before the Olympics for another four years. "

The Olympic champion believes that adoption of pre-season rule changes aimed at to encourage athletes often try to perform a quadruple jump, go skating advantage.

"I can already see the trend to more attempts at execution jumps four times - said Petrenko. - During the Grand Prix in Canada, a local skater (Kevin Reynolds) played two different quads in the long program."

"It is true that liberty is encouraged - added the expert. - Now if the jump turns Underturned a quarter turn, the athlete will still receive 70 percent of its value. We have been asked to ISU technical committee to introduce such changes in the rules."

At the same time Petrenko considers important skill to master skater skating technique. "Canadian Patrick Chan, of course, can fall three times in one program, but I understand why he gets such a high second assessment - the source stressed RIA Novosti. - And you will understand if I consider how many desertions it makes under acceleration. I help: counted for Chan just four rushes for all the short program. "

According to the Olympic champion, this fact is "clearly illustrates the highest level of proficiency in skates." "In the fall of Chan punished, the minuses he got, - stated the expert. - But the skill of riding and the other components in his excellent level."

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