Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 7, 2010 JW Art Project Update

The team members from JWArtProject tweeted on November 6th (November 7th in Japan) that a title for the JW Art Book had been chosen, and that they are aiming for a January 2011 release.  The title will be 'I Feel Pretty'. 

Art Book Title Tweet in Japanese
Art Book Title Tweet
Newsletter Tweet
Newsletter Tweet in Japanese


The JW Art Project Team:

The Subject Johnny Weir (and Ping, of course!)
Photography by Hidemi Ogata
Hidemi Ogata's Blog
Art Direction by Yumi Hamano
Producer Chie Hosokawa
Stylist Toshiko Nishikawa
Hair and Make-Up Artist Hiroaki Yanagisawa

Additional Photography by Kiyotaka Mori
Kiyotaka Mori's Website

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