Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Follow Up to Some Recent Blogs…

I am writing this Blog to post some responses to subjects I have recently written about.  Rather than create an entire Blog I am just going to post links with (brief) summaries.

In relation to my recent Blogs I’m Glad Someone Finally Said Something About the NY Mag Piece!, Some Wonderful Johnny Weir Outtake Photos!, and NY Mag Comments:  Week of August 30, 2010, all related to the NY Mag article The Johnny Weir Spectacular and it's aftermath; Outsports.com has published the article Some Johnny Weir Fans Angry at NY Magazine. The article was published August 24, 2010 and is written by Cyd Zeigler Jr..  This article focuses on the response to the NY Mag article, and mentions the NY Daily News mention of Johnny's response, as well as a long but very well written letter by Lynn V. Ingogly that details point by point what was wrong with the article. Ms Ingogly is a free-lance writer who has also written the Blogs Guuuuuurrrrrrlll... and #YoureACar about this very subject. This article also contains links at the bottom to other pieces of interest about
Johnny Weir. There are also numerous reader responses to this article following the article itself.

In relation to my recent Blog Unfortunately It’s All About Hate and Ignorance…, which focused partly on the ordeal of umpire Billy Van Raaphorst, I am posting a link to an article that appeared in Outsports.com.  This article details the outpouring of support Van Raaphorst has received since the incident in a game on July 31st.  The article Gay Umpire Overwhelmed By Positive Response appeared in the August 18, 2010 issue and was written by Jim Buzinski.

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