Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some New Twitter Contests to Vote In...

There are some Twitter contests to vote in!  You do not actually have to be a member of Twitter to vote either, you can simply tell the page you are a human, and it will allow you to cast a vote!  You are allowed to vote once every twenty minutes; however, if you are a Twitter member, please remember to uncheck the two boxes asking you if you want to 'automatically direct message your vote to your twitter followers', and 'automatically tweet your vote.

If you leave these boxes checked every time you cast a vote in any category your vote will be Tweeted to your followers and appear on your Twitter feed!

Also, if you decide to vote every twenty minutes, wait twenty minutes, refresh the page and then you will be able to cast another vote.

The winner & top 25 will be immortalized on the Vote Wall of Fame. All contestants will be listed forever as honorable mentions. Click "Vote Wall Contests" for more contests. Click "Refresh Page" to update the page. The entire page is also refreshed when you vote.

Here are some of the categories you can currently vote in (there are many others):  (Vote for @JohnnyGWeir as Mr Twitter)

(Vote for @JohnnyGWeir as Sexiest Twitter)

(Vote for @JohnnyGWeir as Best of Twitter)

(Vote for @VanyaBonBonWeir or @JohnnyWeirsPing as Best Pet)

(Vote for as Berst Forum, Message Board or Blog)

These links will take you directly to the polls where you can vote for any one of the nominees! 

Have fun voting!

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