Thursday, August 26, 2010

Information About the @itoi_shigesato Interview with Johnny Weir

Tweet from @itoi_shigesato regarding the interview he did with Johnny Weir when he was in Japan a few weeks ago:

This is a translation of the above Tweet, provided by JW Art Project:

The interview will be posted at the 1101 Complus Website beginning August 30th, and updated at 11a.m. daily local time.  What time that corresponds to where you live depends on what time zone you are located in.  The Tweet indicates posting occurs at 11a.m. daily GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) plus nine hours.  You may locate your own time zone in relation to GMT at this website, or by using this official time zone map.  In the United States this time corresponds to 10p.m. EST and 7p.m. PST.   

This is a Tweet JWArtProject sent to a friend of mine:

1101 Complus Tweet explaining the interview will appear in more than one part:

Another Tweet sent to my friend regarding the interview posting in both Japanese and English:

JW Art Project Tweet thanking the interpreter Makiko Shinoda and looking forward to publication of the interview.

Photo of Johnny Weir with Mr. Shigesato after the interview was conducted.

Johnny Weir with Mr. Shigesato during their interview.

Even though as JW Art Project stated in one of the above Tweets the JW Art Book is not related to the interview, on the second day of shooting for the book Mr. Shigesato came to the rink where some of the photos were being taken and skated with Johnny.  As you can see both men had a great deal of fun; and in the time since the interview and the skating lesson they have both had some very nice things to say about each other.


Makiko Shinoda said...


Thanks for organizing all the info in your blog post. It was such an honor to be able to translate the conversation between such amazing men. Hope you and all Johnny Weir fans around the world will enjoy the interview at Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (Almost Daily Itoi News)

bsontwit said...

great blog-thanks for the info, even though they tweeted the info it was confusing to figure out the time! 10 PM EST! got it!!!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you so much Makiko! We all appreciate so much how you, Mr. Shigesato and every else have been so nice and helpful not only to JOhnny Weir but to his fans as well! You have been more than kind, and it is great to see Johnny associated with such wonderful people! Thank you again!

WheresMyKoppy said...


I went looking for the time zone stuff, and also found a time zone map, but then I also saw the Tweet saying what time it would be in the USA. I left the time zone stuff in the blog because not all the fans are in the USA. Greenwich mean time is, I believe, five hours ahead of the east coast during DST. So if they say GMT plus nine hours, you add the five to the nine, plus the hours for whatever time zone you're in then add it to the eleven am. LOL! That gives you a seventeen hour time difference between Japan and the West Coast of the USA.

Yes, very simple to think of it that way I know! Ha! Thanks to Mr. Shigesato's website for making it easier!