Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Wonderful Johnny Weir Outtake Photos!

Even though the article 'The Johnny Weir Spectacular' contained a number of factual errors (some of which have since been corrected, at least in the online version of the article); there were some wonderful photographs taken by Cass Bird that went along with it.  It's hard to describe what was wrong with this article other than the writer did not do a good job of describing the completely unique personality that is Johnny Weir, and focused instead on a piecemeal approach that did not appear to have been properly edited, fact checked or written; and did not even approach doing justice to Johnny Weir.  Sadly, like so many articles and interviews in the past about Weir, this one focused far too much on the non-issue of Weir's sexuality. 

The NY Daily News ‘Gatecrasher’ Gossip Page with Frank Digiacomo describes the reaction of Weir's mother to how he was portrayed in the article, as well as his unhappiness with how his friends were portrayed; as does this Blog I wrote a few days ago;
Wheres My Koppy's Blog 'I’m Glad Someone Finally Said Something About the NY Mag Piece'.

The following two Blogs by my friend Misfit Mimes do an excellent job of describing what is wrong with this article:

MisfitMimes Blog 'Guuuuuurrrrrrlll'

MisfitMimes Blog '#Youre A Car'

However, despite the issues with the article itself, some of the photographs of Weir alone, especially in the print version, are worth the price of the magazine. 

Enjoy looking!

These four photographs accompanied the article itself:

This gorgeous head shot appeared on the first page of the article.

Page Two of the article gives us this wonderful photo!

Page Three gives us this 'Babushka' photograph.

Page Four gives us this uh, 'interesting' photo!

The following seven photos appeared on the NY Magazine website a few days after the article as a slideshow of outtakes:

The beauty of Outtake Number Four  is hard to even describe!

Outtake Number Two could be a rock album cover photograph!

Outtake Number Six is just...beautiful!

Update September 28th 2010:  Photograph of Johnny with photographer Cass Bird!


PumaJ said...

Oh, you are so right about these photos:-) I love the many different aspects of Johnny that are captured (I do wish he would quite smoking!)

I've just reread the NY Mag article. The few corrections made did nothing to change the overall poor writing:-(

WheresMyKoppy said...


In order to change the overall poor writing, as you describe it, would take a major rewrite, and not just some correction of factual errors...

Yes, the photos are wonderful! (I wish he would quit smoking also!)