Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 29th JW Art Book Update from JW Art Project

Johnny sent this Tweet at around 11:30 p.m. EST Saturday, August 28th. 

If you then go to the JW Art Project website you will find it has been updated.  The home page contains information about the book along with a photo of a page from the book with an on ice picture not yet seen by the public.  The team page contains a street shot photo of Johnny we have not seen yet, along with biographies in both English and Japanese of the team members involved in the project.  The bio page contains one of the pictures we have been gifted with as a preview, as well as a biography of Johnny Weir in both English and Japanese.  The info page contains the photo of Johnny in bed released the previous day along with information in both English and Japanese on the book, what countries it will ship to, how to contact Johnny Weir, and his management; as well as links to JWArtProject on Twitter, JW Art Project Twitpics, and You Tube behind the scenes videos.  

Also on the same day we received an answer to the previous day's question of how old Ping is!

Ping's Age in Japanese Tweet

Yumi Hamano (Art Director for JW Art Book)

Photographer Hidemi Ogata on Twitter

Official Blog for photographer Hidemi Ogata

JWArtProject on Twitter

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