Saturday, August 7, 2010

Johnny Weir: A Man Amongst Men

This is video of the interview Johnny Weir did on the Red Carpet at the 2010 GLAAD Manhattan event Augst 3, 2010.

Johnny speaks at EqCa Event in California on April 18, 2010. 

This is video of Johnny speaking with Geoffrey Kors, Executive Director of Equality California, at a fundraising event where he was honored in Los Feliz, California on April 18, 2010.

The above videos are courtesy of Julie Ryzha.

'BGJW' Episode 109 EqCa Event

I decided to repost the videos below of the press conference Johnny Weir and his agent Tara Modlin gave in Vancouver in light of certain recent events and comments made. 

These videos show what a classy young man Johnny Weir is; and how he reacts with intelligence, dignity and cool reserve to uncalled for comments made about him by broadcasters in Quebec and Australia.  These videos actually mainly address the comments made about him by the Canadian broadcasters.  The issue of the Australian broadcasters' comments was addressed a few hours after they were made in an interview with an Australian television station.

I am sure he must have thought about what he was going to say beforehand, but there's no way he could have known for certain what questions he would be asked, and yet he still responded in such a spontaneous, intelligent and beautiful way.  Johnny Weir is far more eloquent than those commentators or any of the other haters could ever hope to be. Six days after the men's competition and the sixth place finisher had over a hundred press people show up for a press conference regarding an attack on him personally, not his skating. And I think all the reporters went away impressed.  But then again, that's our Johnny!  There are few people who meet him that do not come away impressed and liking him.  And those few that don't, hopefully they can at least be open minded!

This is the short version of Johnny Weir's Vancouver Press Conference in response to comments made about him by two Quebec broadcasters:

The entire press conference beginning to end:

Johnny Weir Press Conference

Part One of Press Conference

Part Two of Press Conference

Part Three of Press Conference


PumaJ said...

Great collection of vids:-) Thanks for reminding us!

WheresMyKoppy said...

You're welcome! I was thinking of reposting them for another reason, but in light of all the BS that started with you know who's Tweet last night, I decided this was the best response I could personally make. I knew I wouldn't be as eloquent as some people would be...