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Johnny Weir Does Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011

Update and video added April 4th:
The television show Cake Boss on TLC chronicles the family run Carlos Bakery of Hoboken, New Jersey and the cakes they make, many of them extreme.  First run episodes are on Monday nights; and the Monday March 28th episode showcased bakery owner Buddy Valastro and his employees (several of them family members) making seven cakes for Isaac Mizrahi's show during New York Fashion Week.  Isaac appears several times during the show, and there are also four glimpses of Johnny Weir near the end of the Cake Boss episode.  All of the appearances are only a few seconds long and all of them are during the last five minutes of the episode.  The first glimpse is before the show begins with a glimpse of Johnny standing with his agent Tara Modlin; the second is a quick shot of the cakes being paraded down the runway with Johnny clearly visible in the front row; the third is at the end of the fashion show where Isaac walks down the runway to applause and waves at Johnny; and the fourth and last glimpse is as the credits roll Johnny and Isaac pose for photographs.

Here are video clips of Isaac's episode of Cake Boss (no Johnny):

A source for the full episode of Cake Boss here!
Another source for the full episode here!

Video added February 22nd:
Johnny Weir- MBFW Fall 2011
<a href="">Johnny Weir- MBFW Fall 2011</a>

Video added February 21st:

CHIC.TV Fashion: Chris Benz - Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week (Johnny Weir at the beginning, and approximately 1:25 and 1:34.)

Video added February 19th:

PopEater goes backstage for Fashion Week (01:24) (Johnny Weir at approximately :58!)

Johnny Weir was very active during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week! He walked in Richie Rich's 'Villionaire' fashion show, Asher Levine's show, Indashio's show, and skated in ELISE ØVERLAND's show.  Johnny also designed and showed a four piece collection for creative furrier Adrienne LandauHe also attended numerous other shows, most of them invitation only, such as Tadashi Shoji, where he sat in the front row; Chris Benz, Isaac Mizrahi, Timo Weiland, Alice + Olivia, Dennis Basso, Jill Zarin's Skweez Couture preview, and Heart for Truth's Red Dress Event.  After every event he was involved in there were numerous tweets, pictures, videos, interviews and articles; both about him and the designers whose shows he attended.

I have provided a few sources; however there are many more articles, interviews and photos than are included here.  There are also many more articles, photos and videos on the Blogs I wrote for the individual shows Johnny either walked in or skated in.   


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Article: Missed Fashion Week? Here are our crib notes to the New York collections.
Article: Fashion Week: Johnny Weir Spills on Death Threats
Article/Photo: The 10 Best Tweets of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011
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Article/Photo: Favorite Fashion Week Moments (Interview with JW at Chris Benz #2)


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 Johnny with designer Marc Bouwer.
 Johnny with designer Isaac Mizrahi.
Johnny with designer Timo Weiland.


PumaJ said...

Wow! Such a busy man our Johnny has been:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

I know! He added a couple of events as he went along to! Or at least he announced a couple he hadn't mentioned in the beginning, lol! He walked in four shows, skated in a show, and appeared at I think nine others! Yikes! And for the Adrienne Landau show he also designed four pieces! I guess he was in his element! :- D