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Artistry On Ice From China (Pictures and Videos)

Just added!  One hour and twenty-four minutes of live streaming video from Chinese Television!  Thank you @brooklynkitten for alerting me to this!

There has been so much video and so many pictures that have come out of the recent 'Artistry on Ice' show from China that also included the Wedding On Ice of Shen and Zhao.  Johnny Weir was one of the skaters who was invited and took part in the show.  It is next to impossible to keep track of it all or to know what or who all of the sources are.  The numerous fan sources for photographs and video are impossible to keep track of; however I have attempted to list as many of the more 'official' sources of pictures and video as I can so that fans may at least have a starting point for where to look for what they want.  I have only embedded a few of the videos, the rest may be accessed by clicking on the included link.

This Blog and this list are by no means all-inclusive.  Virtually the entire show is now available on video; however I have not located a couple of the parts as yet.

Dress rehearsal from Artistry On Ice-2010 in Beijing

Poker Face at 'Artistry On Ice' courtesy of yayachrisptar

'Heartbroken' at 'Artistry On Ice' courtesy of yayachrisptar.

Part of the Artistry On Ice opening, courtesy of sfm2010ga2.

The above YouTube video is over eleven minutes long, however the actual opening was just over twenty-one minutes long and can be found at this linkJohnny addresses Shen and Zhao approximately seven minutes into this video.

Johnny speaks to his Chinese Angels (courtesy of melissawong69)

Other video from China:

Fan video of Poker Face from
Fan video of Heartbroken from
Fan video of the opening from
Fan video of Johnny arriving at the airport in China from
Fan video of Johnny receiving flowers at the airport in China
Fan video of Shen and Zhao performing various programs from the show from
Fan video of ‎2010- 0904- AOI -JohnnyWeir- Encore from

The following videos are courtesy of Fannieontheway:
Stephane Lambiel at the press conference
Plushenko and the Interpreter at the press conference
Alexei Yagudin at the press conference
Johnny Weir at the press conference
Johnny and Stephane During Rehearsal

The following videos are courtesy of Yayachrisptar:
'Artistry On Ice' opening
'Poker Face' by Johnny Weir
'My Immortal' by Joannie Rochette
'Tango' by Mao Asada
'Sex Bomb' by Evgeni Plushenko
'Ne me quitte pas' by Stéphane Lambiel
'Tango Amore' by Evgeni Plushenko
'Impossible Dream' by Pang and Tong
'Heartbroken' by Johnny Weir
'Ballade' by Mao Asada
'Turandot' by Shen and Zhao
'Winter' by Alexei Yagudin
'Sway' by Alexei Yagudin
'Let the Good Times Roll' by Stéphane Lambiel

The following Videos are Courtesy of maplecherrychoco:
Heartful Hug at the Finale

The following videos are courtesy of SunnyBoyBornInTheSun:
CCTV English News 'Artistry On Ice'
2010-09-02 Plushenko rehearsal with group Opening number_3  (Focus is on Plushenko, but all skaters can be seen)
2010-09-03 Rehearsal 5 _ group number Ending honorary circle
2010-09-03 Rehearsal 6 _ group number Ending honorary circle
2010-09-02 Plushenko's first day on group rehearsal Opening_1
2010-09-03 Rehearsal 4 _ group number Ending
Artistry on Ice - Finale 2 (Johnny Weir & Plushenko)

The following videos are courtesy of cdassadc:
Johnny Weir Interview from Harbin Daily - Part 1
Johnny Weir Interview from Harbin Daily - Part 2
Johnny Weir Interview from Harbin Daily - Part 3

The following videos are courtesy of melissawong69:
Heart Broken (SHANGHAI SPORTS ver. live redubbed by 吃货)
Johnny weir performs POKER FACE on AOI 2010 (LIVE redubbed by 吃货)

'Sway' by Alexei Yagudin (from

20100904 冰上雅姿 谢场 2  (Johnny is wearing the crowns of flowers from his fans in China and Japan, skates with the youngsters to throw flower petals to the audience.)

News report with video of skaters rehearsing from
News report with video of press conference including Johnny Weir talking from
News report with footage of skaters performing and links to other videos from
Official video of the opening.  Johnny speaks to Shen and Zhao at approximately seven minutes into the opening.

Photographs from China:

Universal Sports photo gallery with several photo galleries of the wedding and the skating show with numerous photo galleries of the wedding, the skating show, and the career of Shen and Zhao with numerous galleries of the wedding, the skating show, Shen and Zhao and the other skaters involved with the show photo gallery, mainly of the male skaters Yagudin, Plushenko, Lambiel and Weir(plus a few of the ladies) at the pre-show press conference, with two of the show with numerous galleries of the wedding and the skating show (all skaters) with pictures of the rehearsal
Needle's Blog at with numerous photos


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