Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Johnny Weir's Japanese Media Odyssey

September 17, 2010 Update:

YesAsia.com is a website that sells Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other countries CDs, DVDs, electronics, toys, books and magazines.  Many items can be shipped internationally free of charge.  This is good news to those of us who have paid the high shipping charges for the MookBook, and expect to do the same for the magazines Johnny will be appearing in.  Vogue Nippon, and An-An can be obtained from this source.

(North America)
(Rest of the World)
Update from Team JW Art Project Newsletter (September 17, 2010):

Hello everyone!

Thank you for subscribing to the JW Art Project newsletter! We hope you will
like each issue. Here’s what is new:

[More Johnny For You!] We are happy to announce that Johnny interviews/articles
will be appearing in these Japanese media:

‘The Daily Yomiuri’ newspaper: Morning edition—September 17

‘Vogue Nippon’ fashion magazine: December issue—on sale October 28

‘Spur’ fashion magazine: January issue—on sale November 23

‘LaDonna harajuku’ fashion magazine: Winter issue—on sale mid-December

‘an・an’ fashion magazine: on sale November 2

‘Kyodo Tsushin’ newspaper —date TBD

[The Artbook Is Coming Together!] The Artbook will be published in less than
two months. The project is in progress. We thank you for your patience!

Thank you! More news soon!

Team JW Art Project
While in Japan recently for the Fantasy On Ice shows Johnny Weir did a number of media interviews.  Among these interviews were four fashion magazines, including three fashion shoots in one day for three different magazines. In addition to the fashion shoots he also did at least two other media interviews, including one with that will appear in the morning issue of Yomiuri on September 17th.

The fashion shoot Johnny was most excited about was with Vogue Nippon.  He will appear in the December issue which will be released on October 28th.
International Office of VOGUE NIPPON
750 Third Ave.
10th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017
Telephone 1-212-630-4985
E-Mail info@condenast.jp  

Another fashion shoot Johnny did was with ANAN Magazine.  Fans were told he would be in the November issue; however a Japanese friend informed me to be careful with the dates because ANAN is a weekly magazine.

A third magazine Johnny interviewed with was Spur Magazine.  I am not sure of the release date of this issue. 

The fourth magazine Johnny did a fashion shoot with was a new magazine titled LaDonna.  He will appear in the December issue of LaDonna.

ANAN, Spur, LaDonna and Vogue Nippon may all be ordered through Amazon.co.jp.  In addition Spur and Vogue Nippon may also be ordered through Magazine Cafe's website, or purchased directly at their New York location:

Magazine Cafe
Btwn 5th and 6th Ave.
Store #15C
15 W 37th Street,
New York, NY 10018
(212) 391-2004

Direct link to order the latest issue of Vogue Nippon.  When ordering the magazine, please be aware that Vogue Nippon and Vogue Hommes are NOT the same thing!

Amazon.co.jp website in English.

Please see my Blog How to Order the Japanese Mook Book for additional ordering possibilities!

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** Many thanks to my friends Kaoru, Linda, Jenn, Akiko, and others for their assistance with some of the information for this Blog!

Thanks also to photographer Hidemi Ogata, hair and makeup artist Yoshiyuki Wada, Vogue Nippon editor Mayumi Nakamura, stylist and fashion editor Shun WatanabeJW Art Project, agent Tara Modlin and many others; not the least of which is the charming, intelligent, articulate, talented and photogenic Johnny Weir!


Novia said...

Thanks for all the updates! I'm so excited about all this magazine appearances, and very proud. I think Johnny must be the only figure skater with such widespread, global fashion appeal!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Oh you're welcome! It helps me to keep it all straight myself! I'm excited as well, though I don't know if I'll be able to get a hold of them all!

I think while there are many popular skaters out there, Johnny is unique in his widespread global fashion appeal!