Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Get Johnny Weir on 'Glee'

Unconventional 'Glee' Guest Stars We'd Like to See is an article written by Jane Murphy about a few guest stars she would like to suggest for Glee creator Ryan Murphy.  Among those she listed was Johnny WeirJohnny Weir is a fan of the show and has said he would love to appear on the show as a guest star.

Tweet from @aoltv indicating @GleeOnFox would like to have Johnny Weir on the show.
Tweet from @aoltv asking who else wants to see Johnny Weir as a guest star on 'Glee'.

Tweet from JW Art Project in Japanese and English.
Tweet asking Johnny Weir fans if they/we are starting an online campaign to get him on 'Glee'.
Tweet from Johnny indicating he is willing to be a guest star on @GleeOnFox.

What we as fans can do:

Tweet @GleeOnFox that we would like to see @JohnnyGWeir as a guest star on the show.  Let's not go overboard on this, just a suggestion once a day perhaps.

Add the hashtags #Glee to each of our Johnny Weir related Tweets.

Retweet this Tweet asking 'Who else wants him on #Glee'?

'Like' the Glee page at Facebook and MySpace.

Follow @GleeOnFox on Twitter.

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