Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update to Fantasy on Ice from Fukui, Japan

This Blog is an update for my earlier Blog Fantasy on Ice From Fukui, Japan.  I decided to create a second Blog for the updates instead of adding them to the top of the previous Blog.  Here is everything I have added since the original Blog:

Dima Bilan & Johnny Weir - Safety (Fukui) Live! courtesy of BilanOfficial!  This video is shot from the audience and contains the entire performance.  However, be aware the video is almost exclusively of Dima Bilan, with only a few seconds here and there of Johnny Weir.

Finale rehearsal courtesy of antonionajarro

Johnny sent this Tweet to his fans after the first show on September 11:
The necklace in question is a chain containing a number of charms, many of which were given to Johnny by his fans.  He is seldom photographed without it, and even wears it out on the ice while skating his programs.  The necklace is often visible in photos or videos flying around as Johnny skates or spins.  Many of his fans have expressed concern the chain might fly up and hit him in the eye or at some point break and have charms flying all over.  Unfortunately we were right about the chain breaking! 

The following photograph shows the chain in July, 2010:   
The following video shows Johnny, other skaters, and officials searching the ice for his charms while Plushenko entertains the audience.  All the charms were eventually found, and the show continued without further delay.

"Fantasy On Ice in Fukui" - Global searching courtesy of PlushenkoOfficial.

Photo taken less than two days ago (September 14) showing the charms on a new, apparently longer, chain:
Hopefully it will never break again (it never had before this)!

Added September 15, 2010

Update from Itoi Shigesato Includes FOI Behind the Scenes photographs and a brief Q&A between Itoi Shigesato and Johnny Weir!

Also "Today's Darling" is my friend Misfit Mimes latest Blog, and contains a partial translation of the above Itoi Shigesato post!

Added September 16, 2010

Thanks to BonBonChocolat for pointing me toward this video (courtesy of bilanofficial) of the finale Dima Bilan - Number One Fan (Fukui) Live!.  Many of the skaters, including Johnny Weir, can be seen in this performance.

Also courtesy of bilanofficial here is Bilan, Marton & Plushenko - Believe (Fukui) Live!

Sponsor TV Station for Fantasy On Ice

English translation of Fantasy On Ice page

Added September 17, 2010:

Complete translation of News summary from “Hobonichi” today 100915 courtesy of MisfitMimes and Akiko Nakata.


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