Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update from Itoi Shigesato Includes FOI Behind the Scenes

September 17 update:

Check out my friend Misfit Mimes (with invaluable assistance from Akiko Nakata) special Blog with a complete translation of 'News summary from “Hobonichi” today 100915' from Itoi Shigesato's website.  He talks about his impressions of his first ice show in Fukui, and his reunion backstage with Johnny Weir.

Update from Itoi Shigesato Includes FOI Behind the Scenes - Windows Live

The above link is to my Blog about a new entry fom Itoi Shigesato on his website.  Mr. Shigesato wrote an entry on Sunday (Kyoo no Daarin or 'Today's Darling') in which he talked about his impressions of figure skating after he and some of his 'crew' attended Fantasy On Ice in Fukui, Japan.  It was written in Japanese; however my friend Misfit Mimes with the help of wonderful Japanese fan Akiko Nakata, has provided a partial translation in her Blog "Today's Darling".  On September 15 Mr. Shigesato posted another entry about his trip to the Fukui ice show, and included a conversation he had with Johnny Weir backstage as well as several new photographs taken backstage at the ice show.  A small portion of this part of the Blog is written in both Japanese and English, but most of it is written in Japanese. 

Please visit 100915 News to see several more photos like this one (including a gallery of nine small photos near the end of the entry you can click on to bring up larger images):

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