Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2, 2010 JW Art Project Update

New Johnny Weir and Ping Twitpic from JW Art Project!

『Q.#Ping, I guess I need to clean you up..."Well, how?―“ピンちゃんそろそろお手入れ必要だね…”さて、どのように?!』

『A. Johnny put #JohnnysPing in a pillow case and washes. (said July '10)―ピンちゃんは、枕カバーに入れて洗うそうです(本人談2010年7月)』

JW Art Project Tweet announcing the Twitpic!

Photography by Hidemi Ogata

Art Direction by Yumi Hamano

Hidemi Ogata's Blog

JW Art Project on Twitter

JW Art Project Website

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