Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010: Johnny Answers JW Art Projects Question

In answer to the question posed by JW Art Project earlier today, and addressed in my Blog September 5, 2010 JW Art Project Update, Johnny sent this Tweet:
Per Akiko Nakata 'Buji tsukimashita!' translates to 'We arrived safely!'

This Ping stuff is so adorable, and so much fun!  Thank you to JW Art Project and Johnny Weir for having fun with it and allowing us fans to come along for the ride!  I am so glad Johnny has a sense of humor about all of this, and that he isn't afraid to let us all know he does indeed travel with adorable little Ping the Panda! 

Anyway, here is the promised Twitpic!

Johnny hugging Ping!
Once Johnny sent the above Tweet and Twitpic, JW Art Project translated his answer into Japanese for his Japanese fans!

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